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Studio Nr. 113
Crime scene '95
Studio Nr. 113

Insiders know that this venue used to be the proto-room of ParaPark, the first escape game of the Galaxy. In the background, there is a rather acrimonious affair of neighbours. The studio apartment dweller wages psychological war against his neighbour and vice versa. What lies behind the bad relationship between these neighbours? From where do they know each other? If you have the courage, lock yourselves in the ominous studio apartment of a sick minded person and find out what happened! Bear the maddening noises: creaking sound of doors, footsteps and the incessant ticking of the clock.

Crime scene '95

C.S.I. Pécs, 1995. Crime scene investigators are just scratching their heads. What happened? The clues that have been found at the last house of Váradi street relate simultaneously to several crimes. Is it just a coincidence, or is there a connection between these crime scenes? Everything is just so hazy, only death is certain. In fact, even that is uncertain... What terrible thing happened and who committed it? Every clue counts and everybody is suspicious. For instance, do you have an alibi? One bad turn deserves another.

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Studio Nr. 113 Crime scene '95
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