Teambuilding at Crocus Gere Wine Hotel in Villány

We had pretty ambiguous feelings when we have seen the room In one hand we were very much impressed about the wine cellar. The huge brick vault, the huge barells and the overall atmosphere. In the other hand we faced to the problem how we will be able to bring all our stuff into the cellar. First of all we measured the width of the stairs and the trap door on top but we were lucky both were wide enough for our secret chests. They were even 2 centimeter wider than our biggest chest. 

After this tiny detail everything was clear and simple. We just had to bring down everything about 6 m deeper set up our mobile escape game to be ready for the team. While we were waiting for them we thought about how the 3m high barels got into the cellar and why would anyone escape from such cellar full of wine.

Luckily we meet a very enthusiatic team. Although they tasted the better and better wines of Gere one after another they were so fast solving our puzzles that they were really close to the best time for a while. Finally they slightly fell behind the best time but they deactivated the bomb very much self confidently. 
You can check out more pictures in our picture galery.
Thank you for the opportunity for Crocus Gere Wine Hotelnek

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